UPM Kaukas sawmill

UPM Kaukas sawmill is located in UPM Kaukas mill integrate in Lappeenranta. The sawmill produces mainly redwood sawn timber from certified raw material.

​In brief

Annual capacity

510,000 m3 of redwood and whitewood sawn timber

Kaukas sawmill capacity


130 employees directly employed by UPM Kaukas sawmill.
Altogether 1,100 people work in the UPM Kaukas mill integrate in sawn timber, pulp, biofuels and paper production as well as in wood sourcing.

History and investment roadmap

Lauritsala sawmill, the predecessor of Kaukas sawmill, was established in 1891. The sawmill was relocated to its current site in 1956. Today Kaukas sawmill is the biggest of UPM's sawmills in regards to production capacity and number of personnel.

​2017Renewal of log X-ray & 3D measurement
​2016​New drying kiln channels
​2015​Main chipper renewal
​2014​Log grading line modernization and improving the storage facilities
​2013New progressive kiln and sticking machine renewal​. Withdrawal from futher processing business
2010​​New GS-line
New drying kiln channel
​2008​New drying kiln channel
​2007The sawmilling business was incorporated into the UPM-Kymmene Oyj.
New drying kiln channel
​2005Log grading line modernization including X-ray measurement unit
​2004Belongs to UPM-Kymmene Wood Oy
2001​New drying kiln channels
2000​Further processing became part of the sawmill's functions
​1997​​New sawing feed
1996​Yhtyneet Sahat Oy (United Sawmills), Kaukas Sawmill
​1994New log grading line
​1956​​The first kiln drying channels in Finland were taken into use at the sawmill's current site
​1916​Kaukas became the owner of Lauritsala Sawmill
​1891​​Lauritsala Sawmill was set up



​UPM Kaukas sawmill
Kaukaantie 16
FIN-53200 Lappeenranta
Tel. +358 204 147 431
E-mail: timber@upm.com

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 Shipping mark

Kaukas shipping mark


​We have all major certificates:

  • Quality Management System ISO 9001
  • Environmental Management System ISO 14001
  • PEFC and FSC Chain-of-Custody

These and more information about certificates can be found through this link.