UPM Korkeakoski sawmill

Located in the middle of quality pine forests, UPM Korkeakoski sawmill produces redwood sawn timber for multiple end uses e.g. in joinery industry.

​In brief

​​Annual capacity

350,000 m3 of redwood standard and special sawn timber.
Korkeakoski sawmill capacity


70 employees directly employed by UPM Korkeakoski sawmill.

History and investment roadmap

Sawmilling operations started in Korkeakoski in 1960. The sawmill has been largely modernised and it takes pride in efficient production. In 2013, a new bio heating plant was taken into use at Korkeakoski sawmill.

2017New drying kiln channel
​2016​Green sorting modernization​
​2015​Edging line modernization​
2014Grading plant update​
2013​​New bio heating plant
2012​New kilning logic and automation​
2011​New sawline logic ​
2010​Trimmer modernization​ in green sorting
2008-9​Improving the storage facilites​
2007​​The sawmilling business was incorporated into the UPM-Kymmene Oyj
​2005​The sawmill modernization e.g. new grading plant and camera grading
2004​Belongs to UPM-Kymmene Wood Oy
2003New log grading line inc. X-ray measurement unit and new saw infeed
1998-2004​New drying kilns and kilning modernizations
1996Modernization of sawing
Belongs to UPM-Kymmene Oyj
1988​The sawmill to the ownership of United Papermills
1983​Production restarted after the fire
1981​The sawmill was destroyed in a fire
1960Sawmilling started up



​UPM Korkeakoski sawmill
Sahantie 10, PO Box 25,
FIN-35501 Korkeakoski
Tel. +358 2041 4149
E-mail: timber@upm.com

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 Shipping mark

Korkeakoski shipping mark


​We have all major certificates:

  • Quality Management System ISO 9001
  • Environmental Management System ISO 14001
  • PEFC and FSC Chain-of-Custody

These and more certificates can be found through this link.