Chain of custody

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FSC® Wood from responsible sources certificateDNV-COC/CW-000275
PEFCTM Chain of Custody for wood supply


Management system

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Environmental management systemISO 14001
Quality management system
ISO 9001

Declaration of performance (DOP)

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Visually strength graded structural timberAlholma
Machine strength graded structural timber

Wooden packing material standard (ISPM 15)

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Decision on the right for using a marking according to ISPM 15 standardAlholma
UPM Timber

Product standards

Moisture content of sawn timber​EN13183-1,2,3 (INSTA141)
​Standard grades and dimensions​EN 1313-1, EN 1611, EN 336
​​Dimensional variance and shrinkage​EN 1313-1
​​Strenght graded sawn timber CE markingEN 14081-1