UPM Timber product range covers both standard and special sawn timber made of Nordic pine and spruce. The difference between standard and special sawn products is largely based on sawing and drying methods as well as length and grade selections. Our special sawn timber range carries the name UPM+.

Log cut in pieces 

UPM's sawmills across Finland utilise local certified raw material and its properities to produce high quality standard sawn goods from spruce and pine logs. UPM offers fast and flexible deliveries as well as an extensive range of dimensions in standard grades.

Product standars define the dimensions and moisture contents:

  • EN 1313-1: sawn timber standard dimensions and grades
  • ISO 738-1981: allowed dimensional variance and shrinkage 
  • INSTA 141: moisture content


Standard moisture content is 20 % (+/- 2%).

Standard dimensions

Standard lengths: 2.1 – 6.0 m, in 30 cm modules


Shipping marks

Shipping marks 

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Special sawn timber

UPM + special sawn products are designed and manufactured for specific end use requirements, particularly in the joinery and furniture industries. The difference between special and standard sawn products is largely based on sawing and drying methods as well as length and grade selections.


Special kiln dried products

For exterior joinery end uses, e.g. windows and doors
Moistures: 16 % (+/- 2%) or 14 % (+/- 2%)

For interior cladding and furniture, e.g. doors, staircases and pine furniture
Moistures: 12 % (+/- 2), 10 % (+/- 2) or 8 % (+/- 2)

Special grades

UPM + P (Prime) ​Bottom log quality
​UPM + P S (Prime-Select) Saw falling quality cut from bottom logs
​UPM + R (Regular) Saw falling quality cut from middle logs
UPM + L – C (Live-Classic) ​Saw falling quality cut from top logs
UPM + C (Component) ​X-ray graded component quality


Special dimensions and lenghts

UPM + P products are manufactured in special dimensions that match the finished product's dimensions as closely as possible. This minimises loss of raw material. Special lengths are available in both pine and spruce. 

For more information on our range of UPM+ special sawn products, please contact our sales.

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Sawn timber grades

Whitewood grades                                                                                  Redwood grades