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  • A carbon-negative daycare centre built from UPM Timber's wood
Story | 11/12/2021 09:15:05 | 2 min Read time

A carbon-negative daycare centre built from UPM Timber's wood

Finland's first carbon-negative daycare centre is to be built in Vantaa. The finished building will be a carbon storage for its entire lifetime.

The Koivukylä daycare centre is currently being built in Rekola, Vantaa, and it will be Finland's first carbon-negative daycare centre. The material used in the building is Honkarakenne logs, processed from UPM Timber’s raw material. All UPM Timber products come from certified Finnish forests.

Being carbon-negative means that the building is not only carbon neutral, but actually has a positive impact on the climate. Its carbon handprint, or positive climate impact, is greater than its carbon footprint, or emissions. This means that over the life cycle of a daycare centre, there are more environmental benefits than harms.

The daycare centre will be built as energy-efficient as possible, and the planned solutions include water-saving taps, smart building services, energy-efficient lighting, geothermal heating and photovoltaics.

A log building is a long-term carbon storage

The project is carried out in cooperation between Honkarakenne and Hoivarakentajat. Honkarakenne is an important and long-term customer of UPM Timber. Honkarakenne and UPM Timber strongly agree that construction should focus more on climate impacts.

"A finished log building acts as a carbon storage throughout its entire lifetime. At the end of its lifetime, the logs can be further processed into new wood products and biofuel or used directly in energy production," says Markus Saarelainen, Project Sales Manager at Honkarakenne, in a press release. If properly maintained, a log building can last for centuries.

In this project, the carbon dioxide emissions from the production of raw materials, transport and prefabrication are planned to be 118 kg/m2. The average carbon dioxide emissions of buildings are 250 kg/m2.

Increasing the use of wood in the construction of schools and daycare centres

Finland wants to increase the use of wood as a raw material in public buildings more widely too. The Ministry of Environment has set a target that in 2022, the market share of wood in all new public construction will be 31%, rising to 45% in 2025.

For educational buildings, including daycare centres and schools, the target is more ambitious. For them, the target is for the market share of wood construction to reach 55% in 2022 and up to 65% in 2025.

Images: Arkkitehtuuri Oy Lehtinen Miettunen