UPM Kaukas sawmill



UPM Kaukas sawmill is one of the largest redwood sawmills in Europe. The sawmill is a forerunner in automation, process engineering and kiln drying in the Nordic countries. UPM Kaukas sawmill produces redwood sawn timber from certified Nordic pine. The sawmill is a part of the UPM Kaukas mill integrate in Lappeenranta.



380 000 m3
of sawn timber / year
employees directly employed by Kaukas sawmill
1 100
people work in the UPM Kaukas mill integrate


We have all major certificates:

Quality Management System ISO 9001

Environmental Management System ISO 14001

Safety Management System ISO 45001

PEFC /02-34-05 and FSC™ C086359 Chain-of-Custody

Kaukas sawmill's certificate logos


History and investment roadmap


​Lauritsala sawmill, the predecessor of Kaukas sawmill, was established in 1891. The sawmill was relocated to its current site in 1959.

​2017 Renewal of log X-ray & 3D measurement
​2016 ​New drying kiln channels
​2015 ​Main chipper renewal
​2014 ​Log grading line modernization and improving the storage facilities
​2013 New progressive kiln and sticking machine renewal​. Withdrawal from futher processing business
2010 ​​New GS-line
New drying kiln channel
​2008 ​New drying kiln channel
​2007 The sawmilling business was incorporated into the UPM-Kymmene Oyj.
New drying kiln channel
​2005 Log grading line modernization including X-ray measurement unit
​2004 Belongs to UPM-Kymmene Wood Oy
2001 ​New drying kiln channels
2000 ​Further processing became part of the sawmill's functions
​1997 ​​New sawing feed
1996 ​Yhtyneet Sahat Oy (United Sawmills), Kaukas Sawmill
​1994 New log grading line
​1956 ​​The first kiln drying channels in Finland were taken into use at the sawmill's current site
​1916 ​Kaukas became the owner of Lauritsala Sawmill
​1891 ​​Lauritsala Sawmill was set up

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​UPM Kaukas sawmill
Kaukaantie 16
FIN-53200 Lappeenranta, Finland
Tel. +358 2041 4139
E-mail: timber@upm.com