At UPM Timber, we are committed to ambitious sustainability goals and concrete, measurable targets – aiming to lead the way in the sawmill industry. Our customer promise, setting the standard, reflects this commitment. It describes our culture of constant improvement: of challenging ourselves and striving for excellence. We want to set the bar high in sustainability, quality and reliability – for ourselves, and for the industry.

Our SVP Antti Koulumies shares his thoughts on our customer promise.

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Setting the Standard in Sustainable Timber

At UPM, climate-positivity starts at the source. We are committed to sustainable forestry where tree growth always exceeds felling rates. UPM plants 100 trees per minute and our timber production runs entirely on renewable energy, which means that our emissions from production are very low. 


Responsibility is actions for a more sustainable future


Setting the Standard in Product and Service Quality

Sustainably grown and high in quality, UPM’s wide range of sawn timber products excels in even the most demanding joinery, packaging, furniture, construction, planing and distribution end-uses. Our timber is sawn in Finland from robust Nordic pine and spruce. We use certified chain of custody and controlled wood systems verified by independent external auditors to ensure that our wood is 100% sustainably sourced. Sales and logistics networks in Europe, Asia and MENA ensure exceptional service.


We make high quality sawn timber


Setting the Standard in Long-Term Partnerships

We grow together with our customers. Spanning five decades, UPM Timber’s longest partnerships are built on continuous dialogue and shared progress. The key is personal service: we listen to our customers’ needs and develop our operations accordingly.


UPM Timber and CIBM – promoting sustainable timber together


Setting the Standard in Reliability

UPM Timber is a partner to rely on. Our own wood sourcing ensures a continuous stream of raw material to our four efficient mills, where talented personnel produce quality timber at a steady pace. With over 20,000 wood trades annually and more than 250 wood shipments every single day, we provide you with a steady supply of timber at all times.


Customer delivery reliability supported by long-term cooperation between UPM and Steveco