Special sawn timber

UPM+ special sawn products are designed and manufactured for specific end-use requirements of the joinery and furniture industries in particular. The UPM+ product range delivers clear savings in terms of material costs and handling.

UPM+ Prime (UPM+P) sawn products are especially developed for the joinery industry – the products are favoured by window and staircase manufacturers. However, UPM+ Prime is suited for a variety of other end-uses, it is even used in lightweight aircraft structures.




UPM + P (Prime) ​Bottom log quality
​UPM + P – S (Prime-Select) Saw falling quality cut from bottom logs
​UPM + R (Regular) Saw falling quality cut from middle logs
UPM + L – C (Live-Classic) ​Saw falling quality cut from top logs
UPM + C (Component) ​X-ray graded component quality


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