For us at UPM Timber, not only is sustainability a core principle guiding our actions – it lies at the heart of our business model. We turn responsibly managed, climate-positive forests into carbon-storing timber and zero-waste side products with minimal emissions. Our business depends on the healthy growth of forests, which is why we plant four trees for every tree we use.


Climate-positivity starts at the source

UPM is committed to climate-positive forestry that increases carbon storage and sequestration. All of the wood we use is sourced from responsibly managed forests where forest growth exceeds felling rates. We have monitored the biodiversity of our forests since 1998 and are committed to leaving a positive impact on biodiversity.

We plant 100 trees per minute.

For each tree felled, we plant four more.


Low emissions from forest to package

UPM Timber’s production process runs entirely on renewables. We are continuously reducing our carbon footprint in logistics and packaging, and have met our emission reduction targets ten years ahead of schedule.

Our production process uses zero fossil fuels.
We have met our emission reduction targets ten years ahead of schedule.

Carbon storing timber and zero-waste side products for a fossil-free future

UPM’s wide product range allows us to use every part of the tree to the last straw: at UPM Timber, nothing goes to waste. Production side streams are used as raw material for numerous bio-based innovations, such as biofuels, biocomposites and even wood-based hydrogels for wound care and cell therapy.

of UPM Timber’s side products are used as material for bio-based innovations.

Long-term value from collaboration on sustainability

UPM Timber is the partner of choice for sustainable joinery, packaging, furniture, construction, planing and distribution. All of our timber is sawn in Finland and can be sold either as FSC™ C086359 or PEFC /02-34-05 certified. Spanning five decades, our longest partnerships are built on shared progress: we help our partners understand, develop and promote the positive impact of their material choice.

All of our sawn timber can be sold either as FSC™ or PEFC certified.