Customer satisfaction with UPM Timber on a record high level

Other news 20.2.2019 10:00 EET

UPM Timber’s customers’ satisfaction with our products and service has improved further across all our main markets globally and in nearly every part of our operation, according to the results of a customer satisfaction survey conducted at the very end of 2018. The survey is organised once every two years.

In the survey, we asked our customers to rate our products and delivery, service, their relationship with UPM Timber and the value for money of our products and services. The respondents were also asked to name the most value-adding features of their company’s cooperation with UPM Timber. The response rate was good, with most responses coming from Japan, United Kingdom, Finland and China. We received encouraging feedback and also concrete suggestions for improving our service through the survey’s open questions.

Product quality meets expectations

The results of the survey were extremely positive throughout. More than 95% of respondents said they were very satisfied or satisfied with our products and delivery. Customer satisfaction was highest with deliveries containing the ordered items, products meeting quality expectations and the consistency of grading of each load. Compared to the previous survey, a slight decrease in customer satisfaction was noticeable only regarding the condition of sawn timber packaging and the punctuality of deliveries.


Top service

An overwhelming 99% of respondents said they were very satisfied of satisfied with our service. This was especially the case with our sales people whose professionality, knowledge and understanding of the products, and ability to help clients to choose the best suitable product and plan future business together was appreciated by all respondents. Customer satisfaction with the other areas of our service improved too from the already high level recorded in the 2016 survey.


Quality wood matters

Certified and sustainable raw material was identified by 39 percent of respondents as the single most important feature adding value to their company in their cooperation with UPM Timber. Many customers also see regard our product offering (22% of respondents) and personal service (21% of respondents) as the most important value adding features.

Cooperation works but price concerns exist

When asked to rate their customer experience, 99% of respondents said they were very satisfied or satisfied with their cooperation with UPM Timber while 87% announced their satisfaction with the value for money of our products and service. Respondents in China and Japan were the most satisfied with value of our offerings compared to the price paid while British and Finnish respondents saw a slight room for improvement in this regard.

Overall, the results of the customer satisfaction survey show that we have succeeded in improving our customers’ satisfaction with our products and service. This provides an excellent basis for further developing our operations and enhancing the customer experience. We at UPM Timber want to warmly thank all our customers who responded to the survey! Your feedback is very important to us as we will continue in our aim to be your first choice as a certified, high-quality sawn timber supplier! Before the next large-scale customer satisfaction survey, you can send us feedback e.g. via the website feedback form.